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A Small Book About A Big Problem (Review)

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Ed Welch’s A Small Book About A Big Problem packs a massive punch regarding the dangers of unmortified anger in our lives. The book itself is tiny in size, and Welch divided it into nearly 200 pages into 50 days of devotions which readers can finish in 5 or 10 brief minutes. Be forewarned, however, that you will often  walk away convicted days! Particularly, if you haven’t discovered that anger is a sin struggle in your life, Welch will guide  you in discovering the ways this deceitfully hidden sin takes root in your life. A Small Book About A Big Problem is a  readable, relatable, scripture-saturated, and practical read.

Among the excellent aspects of this book is Welch’s ability to exegete biblical passages and reach into the heart level depths of anger in the lives of Christians. For avid not-takers, many pages will be covered with highlights and notes. Often I found myself highly engaged in each of the devotions  since they were applicable to my struggles with anger as a husband, father, pastor, teacher, and friend. Welch breaks down the misconception that the only angry people in the world are the ones who have explosive, volcanic anger, and he reminds readers that anger can also be a massive iceberg, hiding its life-crushing potential just below the surface. Now, I have heightened awareness of anger’s impacts on my life, and I strive to live with  vigilance against this deadly sin.

A Small Book About A Big Problem is an excellent resource for those involved with discipleship, accountability, and counseling. This is also beneficial for personal devotion as we seek to kill sin in our lives. I highly recommend it!


I received a free copy of this book in exchanged for an honest review.

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