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Have you ever spent so much time on your phone that you get that tech-sick nausea, headache, and lethargy? Have you ever walked in a room full of blue-lit faces where nobody is speaking to one another? Have you ever been distracted from the sermon because your phone vibrated in your pocket and you’re just dying to get to that urgent message? Maybe you’ve been on your phone while driving or using the bathroom? Do you want to live a life untethered to your smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, bluetooth speaker, and computer? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone!


The Tech-Wise Family: Everyday Steps for Putting Technology in Its Proper Place by Andy Crouch is a much-needed gut punch for the 21 century reader. For many of us, technology is something that just happened. We looked up and saw iPhones everywhere and decided that we ought to have one. Most of us grew up watching television and playing video games, which didn’t seem so bad. Right? But now we’re starting to feel the gravitational pull of the little red notification or drop-down message that intrudes on even the most intimate moments of our lives. Crouch offers some very helpful and practical tips on how to be a tech-wise family in a day when technology seems to have mastered everyone from childhood to the end of life.


The Tech-Wise Family was an enjoyable and easy read. I loved that Crouch introduced the concept of “nudges” as small ways to nudge us to keep technology in its proper place. These environmental changes are ways to help us do what we truly want to do. For example, instead of keeping my phone in my pocket, I can place on top of the fridge or in a cabinet. This “nudge” will move in the direction of being more tech-wise. I also loved Crouch’s openness about his family’s struggles to implement the ten “tech-wise” commitments he lays out in this book. Crouch’s aim is to point readers to the true worship of God and love for those around us — the greatest two commandments.


For those seeking a theological treatise on technology, this is not your book! Crouch is extremely practice (and I love it!). Though he doesn’t offer lists of scriptures to back each commitment, the discerning reader will surely find that these practices are founded on a biblical worldview. When necessary, he uses scriptural references, which point the reader beyond mere human wisdom to the all-wise God of scripture. Crouch presents a way of living that is radically counter-cultural and yet attainable for nearly every person who reads this book. He skillfully and humbly gives readers a glimpse into possibility of a home full of candlelights, pianos, puzzles, board games, and tech-free people.

Do you desire to be tech-wise and see others living tech-wise lives as well? If so, this will book will be an excellent starting point. Make sure to grab this and start praying that the nudges suggested will be combined with the genuine heart change needed to destroy the idolatry of technology.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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