Jesus: God In The Flesh

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Concisely discussing the vast topic of Christology is similar to flying over the Grand Canyon. Unquestionably, you can savor its beauty and stand breathlessly in awe as you experience the power and majesty of the God who created it. Flying further west to Las Vegas won’t allow you to share the experience of hiking and […]

16 words

16 Words Can Explain The Bible’s Big Picture

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What if I told you that in 16 words, you could know the big picture of the bible? That seems like a lofty goal! The bible is several thousand years old, has been used by billions throughout history, and is typically at least 1000 pages in length. How could someone undertake such a daunting task? […]


Are You Addicted To Technology?

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Have you ever spent so much time on your phone that you get that tech-sick nausea, headache, and lethargy? Have you ever walked in a room full of blue-lit faces where nobody is speaking to one another? Have you ever been distracted from the sermon because your phone vibrated in your pocket and you’re just […]


Pray About Everything…Seriously

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Does your church have a thriving prayer meeting? Does prayer take a prominent place in the worship of your church? Do you have leaders who model prayer and call your local church to pray often? Though prayer was modeled and taught as an essential need for the Church, lately it has fallen on hard times. […]