Christ All Sufficient (Review)

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The sufficiency of Christ is an aspect of the Christian life that can be easily taken for granted if we are not careful. One of the biggest predators to the Christian’s walk with God is self-reliance. Brian G. Hedges’ Christ All Sufficient is a very timely message for the American church which faces the temptation to lean on dangerous pragmatism rather than Christ alone. While many popular preachers are seeking to find “new” ways to reach people, Hedges reminds us that we need to lean heavily on the all sufficient Christ for life and ministry.


What I enjoyed most about Christ All Sufficient was Hedges’ balance of presenting the great commentary while remaining relatable and easy-to-understand. This is not a commentary meant only for theologians or pastors who are well steeped in systematic theology. Hedges does an excellent job of discussing relevant theological issues such as the Colossian heresy concisely and wisely for the reader who has not received training or done in-depth study on New Testament or historical theology. He is very thorough in taking each phrase of each verse and presenting readers with relevant instruction and explanation.


Another great aspect of Christ All Sufficient is Hedges’ use relevant applications and illustrations brought to readers throughout the book. For example, chapter 2 begins with a question: “How satisfied are you with your prayer life?” (p. 37). In discussing legalism, Hedges brings in an example of a legalist Christian (from a worldly perspective) from John Steinbeck’s East of Eden. These additions help bring Hedges’ character as an author into the book while also keeping the interest of his readers as they study the depths of this small but powerful book. In his final and concluding chapter, Hedges takes the time to apply the overall message of the book of Colossians. This is an extremely helpful way to sum up a 156 page commentary on a 2-page book of the bible.


Brian G. Hedges’ Christ All Sufficient is an excellent, accessible commentary on the book of Colossians. This could be used for bible study, exposition, or personal devotion. For anyone seeking to grow in their relationship with Christ would do well to spend a month or two (or more!) with Brian Hedges and the book of Colossians. You will be challenged to look directly at the word of God while also looking to see if you are seeing Christ as your all sufficient Lord and Savior.


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