Come Let Us Adore Him (Review)

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Paul Tripp is an author you should probably be acquainted with you haven’t been already! He has produced a wealth of wonderful resources in the realm of biblical counseling including books on parenting, marriage, worship, and many more topics. His Advent devotional Come Let Us Adore Him is a gem that is sure to benefit families for years to come. Tripp’s comfortable and personal writing style carries home the gospel message found in the Christmas story. As you spend time reading this devotional, you’ll be drawn to focus more on Christ than on the hustle and bustle of the busy holiday season. This is an excellent Advent devotional choice for the entire family as you approach the celebration of the birth of our Savior.


Each devotional begins with a thought-provoking quote which sets the stage for an exploration of a rich gospel truth. Though this is an advent devotional, Tripp sometimes takes readers to an Old Testament passage which either points directly to our need for Christ or to Christ Himself. This is a strength of this devotional because it gives readers a greater biblical perspective of Christ and the importance of His coming. Another strength of Come Let Us Adore Him is that each devotional is tied directly to a passage of scripture which can be studied more in-depth for spiritual growth and knowledge.


As a father of 2 children (with one coming in March), my favorite aspect of this devotional is that it is family-friendly. Though not a children’s book, each devotional ends with a section called “For Parents and Children” which provides a central theme and some talking points to get our children engaged in discussions about Christ and His incarnation. We can say to our children, “come let us adore Him” and really mean it! Introducing our children to solid, gospel-centered, scripture-saturated literature is a wonderful way to disciple them, and Tripp brings some great daily devotionals to do just that.


I know it’s early, but if you haven’t begun planning for your Advent devotional, definitely give Come Let Us Adore consideration. I will be recommending this devotional to my local church for the 2018 Christmas season!


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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