Ep. 15 I feel trapped in my marriage.

Ep 15: I Feel Trapped In My Marriage (Theology For Your Marriage)

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Theology applies even to the nitty gritty. Today is the first installment of a series we’re calling ‘Theology For Your Marriage’. (We have three of these planned to carry us through the end of September. If you want more episodes like this, let us know!)

As we look at common marriage struggles, we’ll address them with the following model:

Symptom > Sin > Solution

Today, we’re talking about those times when you might feel trapped in your marriage relationship. I walked through this difficulty early on in mine and Ben’s marriage, and this episode will explore how to address ‘feeling trapped’ from a biblical framework.

Please note we aren’t talking about those who might feel trapped due to emotionally, verbally, or physically abusive situations. (If you are in an abusive marriage, seek help from your local pastor and church!) We’re talking about couples in normative marriage, facing everyday struggles.

For me, feeling trapped in my marriage was a symptom of the inner sin of discontent. The way to address being sinfully discontent in my marriage was to remember God’s design for marriage, and ultimately that God works all things for my good and sanctification.

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