KJV Know The Word Study Bible

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The KJV Know The Word Study Bible by Thomas Nelson Publishers is a decent study Bible for newcomers to the Christian faith or those seeking to study the Bible from a book-by-book or topic-by-topic perspective. The strength of this study Bible is found in the emphasis on studying the scripture from both a broad scope and a narrow lens. Using the classic KJV translation will be a selling point for readers who have come to relish the classic, poetic language offered by the King James Version. I have been searching for a strong study Bible in the KJV for years, so the Know The Word Study Bible was certainly of interest.

From my perspective, the KJV Know The Word Study Bible did not meet my expectations. I made use of it in two ways:  for in-depth sermon prep and to read through the book of Hosea. The book-by-book notes were helpful in giving the context of the books, but there were not nearly the amount of text helps as seen in other study Bibles such as: the ESV Study Bible, Reformation Study Bible, or the NIV Zondervan Study Bible. The topic-by-topic notes were beneficial throughout the biblical text to engage readers in the various themes encountered in each book of the Bible. Personally, however, the disappointment came in the verse-by-verse study notes. Also, There were numerous times when a difficult verse or concept in the biblical text was not addressed in the notes. In areas where other study Bibles present several sentences of explanation—including opposing viewpoints on an interpretation—the KJV Know The Word Study Bible did not offer much assistance. On a final note, I could not seem to find a list of contributors to this study Bible, which is often necessary information in the selecting a study bible.

Overall, the KJV Know The Word Study Bible is a helpful resource for basic Bible study. It could prove helpful for new believers and readers who prefer a study Bible with fewer notes than others listed above, though I would probably choose the KJV Reformation Heritage Study Bible or the KJV Macarthur study Bible. Those seem to be stronger options for my Bible study needs.

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