Are You Addicted To Technology?

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Have you ever spent so much time on your phone that you get that tech-sick nausea, headache, and lethargy? Have you ever walked in a room full of blue-lit faces where nobody is speaking to one another? Have you ever been distracted from the sermon because your phone vibrated in your pocket and you’re just […]


Pray About Everything…Seriously

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Does your church have a thriving prayer meeting? Does prayer take a prominent place in the worship of your church? Do you have leaders who model prayer and call your local church to pray often? Though prayer was modeled and taught as an essential need for the Church, lately it has fallen on hard times. […]


Is It Possible To Be Truly Content?

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“Raymond doesn’t shrink back from quoting scripture through this book, and the power of God’s Word makes Chasing Contentment all the more powerful.” We Are The Problem Erik Raymond’s book Chasing Contentment: Trust God In A Discontented Age was one of those books that caught my eye quickly because I live in a first world country. […]

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Is Your Phone Changing You?

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Is Your Phone Changing You? Is your phone changing you? That’s a question we all must ask ourselves in our iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S8 culture. It’s a question that must be addressed in the Church as we pursue the sanctification and gospel mission required of us. Tony Reinke’s 12 Ways Your Phone Is […]

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God The Son Incarnate (Review)

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I was told that I should read a challenging book ever so often to keep me humble and make me a better reader and student of God. God The Son Incarnate: The Doctrine of Christ by Stephen J. Wellum was one such challenging book for me! As a lay minister, I had not yet been […]